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Photo of guests enjoying Brookside Campground & Rafting

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    Photo of guests enjoying Brookside Campground & Rafting

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    764 US Hwy. 19,
    Topton, NC 28781

    Located one short mile from the river launch site.

    Approved by the U.S. Forest Service

    Welcome to Brookside! 

    This portion of the site features occasional updates about holidays, special rates, and customer photos.  


    Campground Page Added

    Campground information has now been added.  In addition to basic information about the campground, you can view a printable site map for making easy reservations.

    Also, check out the 2019 prices for both camping and rafting.

    We hope you book your next vacation with us in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina!



    Welcome to the new and improved!  Please take some time to browse the site.  Several new aspects were added to make your experience at Brookside more satisfying.

    To request information about camping and/or rafting, click here.

    To see the updated prices for the 2019 season, click here.

    For over thirty years, Brookside Campground & Rafting has been providing the best services on the Nantahala River.  We encourage you to plan your next family vacation, church outing, or school trip with us today.   

    If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about the new website, please post a comment on this post.

    Thank you!

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